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   Many think that it is impossible, mainly to hack a cell phone, but it is much easier than the computer, because in this there is a firewall, antivirus installed by default when you buy. The cell phone does not exist at all, we can say that it is a small computer but without any protection. On our blog we posted several news from major sites that talk about cell phone failures and that hackers invade cell phones.

   Now that you know that it is possible to hack both Android and Iphone phones, find out now how this hack is done and how to hire our services. 

    To hack a cell phone, it is necessary to send a video to the person with the built-in monitoring application, the person clicks on the video automatically and the application installs on the cell phone. Once installed, just enter the control panel and you will be able to start monitoring.

    What does the monitoring application do?

   The Monitoring Application is the most complete on the market, easy to use and multi-language and you are able to:

  • Read current and past SMS messages;
  • View WhatsAPP real-time conversations and option to pull old conversations;
  • Listen to WhatsAPP Audio in real time and old audios;
  • Listening to Ambient Audio ie everything that the person talks near the cell phone;
  • Listen to incoming and outgoing calls;
  • View person options by enabling cell phone camera;
  • Put and take photos, videos;
  • Install and uninstall apps
  • View messages from social networks like Facebook and Instagram.
  • Accurate (GPS) locator using Google Maps;
  • Recovery of deleted messages from social networks and whatsapp up to 12 months ago. 

   This is the most complete software that exists worldwide for cell phone monitoring, if you want to monitor your children, husband, wife, this is the ideal software for you. 

   The price for Android is going for USD $ 150.00 and for Iphone USD $ 150.00 can be paid by western union or bitcoin. 

   To hire this service just contact us via email contact@solutionshacker.com