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 Before you hire our services for WhatsAPP hacking it is very important that you know:

 Before it was simple to start a WhatsAPP conversation and read its content, but for a few years now, everything is encrypted and to help single-key encryption, that is, you can only read the messages if you compare the key and if they are identical, that is, a chance to succeed 1 in 1 million. It would have to have a very large single key database to function.  

 However, the more security you have, the more hackers appear, whether from the Deep Web or the normal Internet. The important thing is to remember that knowledge is never too much and we are here to help you. 

 The only way today for you to see messages from a Whatapp is by Cloning the Chip or Invading the person's cell phone. You see, hacking is different than cloning. 

Clone: In usual vocabulary, it is to clone everything that the person has on the cell phone and move to another device, from which the two people can use the same applications, etc.. 

HACKING: It’s getting inside the person’s cell phone and seeing everything they do. 

We, Hacker Service, make the invasion in case of loss, theft, forgetting the default password, monitoring children, spouses and wives. 

When the person is family, that is, you want to monitor your spouse, you need to authorize, we do not do any type of invasion if your authorization does not exist. 

 Now that you know what Clone and Invade is, know how the invasion is done

The invasion of a cell phone to monitor WhatsAPP conversations is done through WhatsAPP itself, after authorization and the cell number, we or the client sends a video with the monitoring application embedded with the video by WhatsAPP, video 99.99999 % of people click to view, especially when there is a flashy headline. The person automatically clicked the Monitoring Software installs on the person's mobile phone. 

  How long do you have access: Access for both Iphone and Android is until the person resets the phone from the factory.

  How can the person know that he is being monitored? 

The person can only suspect that he is being monitored, if you, for example, open messages that he has not yet seen, which can generate suspicion and possibly reset the phone. 

  What is the price for Android and Iphone ?

The price for cell phone invasion is USD$ 120  for Android and UDS$ 150 payment. 

In the term price the value is USD$ 120 for Android and USD$ 150  for Iphone.

What is the deadline for service delivery ?

Payment delivery is on the same day, in installment payment under contract, it is after the end of those who make payment in cash. 

What is the guarantee?

The warranty you can read at: CONTRACT WARRANTY